Difficulties of Removing Graffiti from Brick

Graffiti Removal Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a beautiful piece of brick architecture defaced with graffiti. Once your property has been “tagged,” it quickly becomes a priority to remove the unsightly markings as soon as possible. Not only does graffiti devalue property, it is difficult to remove. There are many tools and techniques on the market to lighten graffiti, but removing it completely from brick is a difficult task and best left to professionals like the team at Graffiti Removal Specialists.

Our expert graffiti abatement staff offers comprehensive removal services to provide immediate help and remove the graffiti from your brick with commercial-grade equipment, wielded by our talented technicians. The best way to minimize the toll on a brick surface – especially red brick – is to hire professional help. A rough and porous surface like brick is difficult to tackle with mere wire brushes and solvents, and our team can use our expertise to help identify the best solution to restore your brick surfaces back to the condition it was in before it was tagged. Since brick is uneven, it can be difficult to remove paint completely, but with more than 35 years of experience, our team has the tools and know-how to make sure that the graffiti is removed completely, leaving no trace behind.

For three and a half decades, Graffiti Removal Specialists has been focused on performing outstanding graffiti abatement and providing excellent customer service. Completely removing graffiti from any brick surface – what we call “invisible removal” – is the end goal, and we provide not only cost-effective solutions, but also green treatment options that are environmentally friendly. We use high-quality products that are phosphate-free, chlorinated-hydrocarbon-free and xylene-free to solve graffiti problems at your San Francisco Bay property, whether a private structure, commercial or industrial building or even a residential location. After our professionals perform their magic, you will never even know that your brick surfaces had a graffiti problem.

Do you have graffiti at your property that needs to be resolved fast? Call us today at 925-798-9042 or email us at info@graffiti-removal.net for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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