Graffiti a Compromise to Quality of Life

Graffiti and vandalism are a serious issue across the bay area. The city of San Francisco alone spends over $20 million every single year on graffiti removal and cleanup. This doesn’t include all the private funds dumped into preserving private property and cleaning up the work of vandals.

Private property owners having been victimized don’t just clean up graffiti on their buildings purely out of communal wellbeing. Rather, if they allow graffiti to adorn their building for a period of any longer than 30 days, they can be levied hefty fines. So when you find your wall covered unsightly spray paint, contacting professionals as quickly as possible is quite important.

These fines aren’t simply placed on property owners for no good reason- graffiti removal is proven to curb crime in surrounding neighborhoods to the defacement. Under the San Francisco Public Works Code, graffiti compromises quality of life in neighborhoods. Every citizen should do their part to contribute to graffiti removal in a timely fashion to protect local property and welfare.

The graffiti issue is such a fundamental problem to the quality of life across the Bay Area, it was here the first annual Zero Graffiti International Conference was ever held. Other indications of the regional culture surrounding ‘street art’ include the ongoing struggle against gentrification in the Mission section of the city. Locals have been trying to push ‘Yuppies’ out of changing neighborhoods, tagging threats on visible walls.

Regardless, graffiti can’t stay on your pricey San Francisco real estate. Its removal is imperative to not only avoid fines, but permanent damage as well. This is because as paint sets in to porous walls, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove. This is why enlisting the services of an experienced vandalism abatement team employing a water- based pressure washer is your best bet the next time your bricks are tagged.

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