Only You Can Prevent Damage to Your Home or Business

9968583_SWhen your home or business is vandalized, little could possibly make you feel more violated. From graffiti to break-ins, vandalism can cause damage and emotional and financial distress. But with the right security measures, you can greatly reduce your chances of being vandalized.

Light is a theft and crime deterrent, so adding it to the outside and inside of your home or business can be a major security advantage. Installing motion light detectors will catch potential vandals off guard, usually startling them to move on from your property. Motion sensor lights also save energy, only turning on when they detect motion.

You can also install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on your home or business when you aren’t around. Cameras should be positioned so they are out of reach from the ground, but face areas that could be targeted like corners or the back of the building. Cameras alone will deter vandals, but if a criminal act does take place, the footage can be crucial to finding and charging the suspect.

In addition to motion sensor lights and surveillance cameras, you can limit access to your property right off the bat. Locked doors, closed windows and shut gates are all the best deterrent to vandals. The more barriers between the vandals and your property, the more likely they are to ditch the idea for an easier target.

Taking these precautions can make the difference between a close call and a burglary. If you do feel that there are vandals present in your neighborhood, make sure to inform your neighbors and local police department. Working together and making an effort, you can keep your community, home and business safe from thousands of dollars in damage.

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