Bay Area Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti Removal

Our firm is dedicated to performing “Invisible Removal”, or removing graffiti “tag” markings from any surface, while leaving no trace of the marking behind.

We provide graffiti removal from the following target areas; exterior building walls, steps/staircases, walkways, windows, utility boxes, commercial vehicles, benches, light poles, railings, city sidewalks, private property/homeowner projects, etc.

Graffiti Removal Specialists can remove graffiti from the following surfaces:

Concrete Asphalt
Non-Painted Brick Terra Cotta
Granite All Painted Exterior Surface
Marble Plastic
Stone Metal

Below are examples of graffiti on different  types of surfaces, along with photos of the same location after it has been cleaned by our technicians:

Before Photos

After/In Progress Photos

Remove Graffiti San Francisco CA

Graffiti Removal Services in San Francisco CA

Metal Boxes

Plastic Surfaces



See the difference


Brick and Metal

Large concrete walls


Large Concrete Wall


Glass Film Protection

Our Clear Glass Film offers absolute protection against malicious vandalism, such as glass scratches and acid etching.  In addition, our 4 or 6 mil thickness film, converts ordinary glass into shatterproof glass in a matter of minutes.  When the film is applied, the glass cannot be penetrated, thus offering entry security as well as ‘snatch and grab’ protection for merchandise or displayed articles behind storefront windows.  Sun/heat reflecting film is also available, which helps reduce air conditioning and related electric bill costs.  Lastly, an invisible important feature—the film provides over 95% protection against the sun’s penetrating and often damaging, UV rays.  In summary, glass film offers the best protection that property owners and managers can add to their existing, vandalism exposed glass—at the least possible cost.  When compared to the cost of glass replacement for damaged panes, our protective film is the most cost effective alternative available.  A call to our office today, can start the process of providing security and peace of mind against the threat of glass damage on your property.