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Trying to Focus Graffiti with Young Artists

Graffiti comes in many shapes and sizes, and often pops up overnight as an eyesore on the side of buildings, on sidewalks or even on murals. This causes communities and business owners to take time away from their regular business to clean up the graffiti.  However, one organization is taking a very creative approach in… Read more »

Difficulties of Removing Graffiti from Brick

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a beautiful piece of brick architecture defaced with graffiti. Once your property has been “tagged,” it quickly becomes a priority to remove the unsightly markings as soon as possible. Not only does graffiti devalue property, it is difficult to remove. There are many tools and techniques on the market… Read more »

Don’t Let Graffiti Make Your Business Look Bad

Vandals have been tagging buildings with graffiti for years. It doesn’t matter if it is a bridge, a commercial building or a residence, graffiti seems to pop up everywhere you look. When your business’s building gets tagged with graffiti, it’s a big deal. You don’t want this vandalism to stay on your building, detracting from… Read more »