Trying to Focus Graffiti with Young Artists

Graffiti  Graffiti comes in many shapes and sizes, and often pops up overnight as an eyesore on the side of buildings, on sidewalks or even on murals. This causes communities and business owners to take time away from their regular business to clean up the graffiti.  However, one organization is taking a very creative approach in an attempt to steer taggers away in the first place.

To deter graffiti in the LA community, the South Park Business Improvement District created a public art project in collaboration with Do Art Foundation and the Metro Charter Elementary School, according to a recent article from LA Weekly. The project? Allowing students to paint on the wall.

The project took about $10,000 to design, build and install, which is about half of what it usually takes developers to spend on graffiti removal. With more than 17 construction projects happening in the district, as well as 30 more planned for development, construction fences were constantly tagged with graffiti. The project helps developers not have to continually replace tagged fences by encouraging young artists to make art instead.

The organization worked with contemporary artist Shrine On to complete the project, hoping that after an initial trial project on one site proved the concept, other developers would follow suit. Additionally, the kids saw how they can have an impact on their community through their art. Plus, taggers seemed to respect the children’s pieces, and the painted walls were not tagged with graffiti in the following days and weeks.

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