Porous Stone Doesn’t Have to Mean a Difficult Cleaning

Porous Stone Doesn’t Have to Mean a Difficult Cleaning

As a business owner who has pride in your company, the last thing you want to see on the front of your building is unnecessary graffiti. Even worse than finding that graffiti is knowing how difficult it will be to remove, especially if the tagging was done on a porous surface.

Graffiti on BrickIf your building features marble, granite or brick, ridding your walls of graffiti is more complicated than cleaning a glass or metal surface. Porous surfaces require more care because using the wrong cleaning supplies can actually cause more harm than good, and the small spaces that can make fully removing paint more difficult. In many cases, removal of the graffiti can seem impossible. Cinder block walls, for instance, are incredibly difficult to clean, and sometimes the only solution may seem to be repainting.

There are special techniques and approaches that we use at Graffiti Removal Specialists that helps to remove graffiti without damaging the wall itself. We have years of experience working with difficult surfaces and often have great success with removing graffiti from walls and other structures.

While graffiti cannot always be completely removed, we will clear the affected surface from noticeable graffiti, substantially removing the immediate issue. Through our work, you’ll get a nearly clean surface back, and with time, many lingering graffiti stains will fade naturally with exposure to rain, wind and sun. You can also paint or repaint over these surfaces, an option which can also help prevent future graffiti problems, especially if you choose to use an anti-graffiti coating on these porous structures.

Our graffiti removal method can be used for all types of structures and fixtures, as well, including utility boxes, staircases, commercial vehicles and light poles. No matter what kind of graffiti issue you’re facing, the removal specialists at Graffiti Removal Specialists can help clear it away and restore the look of your building, vehicle or other surface. To find out more or to request a cleaning appointment, give us a call at 925-798-9042 today.

Get Rid of Graffiti Problems Fast

Get Rid of Graffiti Problems Fast

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